I have enjoyed reading your books on strength training and have
found them very helpful.  As a high school coach, I have mainly
learned from others and have used various training programs. I
am a believer in the Olympic lifts and have used and found very
helpful your teaching progression for these lifts.  Starting on
January 21st we will begin our second semester weight-lifting
class which has enrolled those who plan to participate in football
next year.  Again, thank you for your time and for the great
information I have found in your books. You explain things as
thoroughly and clearly as I have ever seen.
Leroy Riley: Head Coach, Colleton Co HS, SC

This is Coach Wheeler at Colleton County High School.  I want
to thank you for all your books that I have purchased so far.  Our
Head Coach, Leroy Riley, is going to email you today about a
couple of questions that he had.  He read both the Strength books
that I purchased. By the way, you wrote great books.  If you do
not hear from him in the next couple of days let me know and I
will have him send out a email to you again.  Thanks for email on
the new DVD's, I will be ordering them soon.
Coach Wheeler: Colleton Co HS, SC

Coach, this is an excellent book, and great service.  It is a very
well written book.

Hi!  He said to tell you that the book went over things that he
already knew, but it refreshed his memory when he read it.  He
also put together a training schedule using your book as a
reference.  He starts football camp and then will be playing at
XXXXX.  Practice is 4 hours a day after classes, so that should
be interesting!  I'm hoping that it won't be too much for him.  
Thanks so much for asking how he is doing.  It shows that you
are a man who cares about your clients!!! Wish him luck,
XXXXX came in 2nd in the nation for Division 3 schools!   Carla

No BS, “from the trenches”, training.  ;It will make the
“pumper”; quit pumping and hardcore lifters take a look at
alternative methods for getting big and strong.  I've been
competing in Olympic lifting awhile now, and I spent a lot of time
getting stronger when I needed to get bigger in order to get even
stronger.  Most people do the opposite.  Rob gives concise info
on how to do both.  There aren't many books out there that
combine elements of research and experience together in a format
that anyone could understand.  Any athlete could benefit from
this book.

Great book by the way!  It is a real nice companion to Rippetoe's
Starting Strength and Starr's The Strongest Shall Survive.  I'm not
a football player, yet the book has given me some valuable real
world strength information, something that is sorely missed in a
lot of strength books out there.

Hey Rob!  Man I just got back from basically 2 weeks of South
Carolina.  I went down to the beach the first week came back a
few days and then went down to Paris Island to watch my
brother in law graduate boot camp.  I had a blast going back to
the island.  When I checked the mail this morning the DVD was
in there.  I watched it this afternoon.  I had a blast watching you
and Damon go at it.  Man I was blown away by how fast some of
your snatches would go up, it would be like a good slow steady
pull and then bang!-it was gone.  I got a good laugh at Damon on
some of the clips when he lost the old temper and started kicking
the plates and dropping the F-Bombs.  Reminded me of someone
around here I know.  Man, I didn't realize that Glenn Pendlay
was so big until I saw him standing next to you.  Once again
thanks for the DVD and it will be used plenty to fire me up
before a workout!

I was on my first cruise last March.  Thought I would hate it,
being bored and all.   I wore my coaches polo from the Seattle
Seahawks the day I boarded which had my name embossed
'Coach Holland' on it.  As I headed down the hall to my state
room I had to step aside to let Bobby Bowden of FSU fame
pass.  He saw the shirt, wanted to talk shop.  We ended talking
four or five evenings before dinner of the cruise----nothing but
football.  He was there with the booster club.  All they wanted to
know was how many games he'd win, not the least bit interested
in learning any football.  I think I was an outlet for him to spill out
some of that knowledge he thought he be sharing.  No way to
improve on that cruise!  To the point... He asked me, “Do I
know when championships are won?” It was rhetorical.  He
replied it was in January.  All championships are won in the
weight room during the off-season.  Size, speed, and strength
improvements are helpful, but it is the work ethic and
commitment that weld a team together happen there.  He
suggested it was the single best way to build a program.  Maybe
you should change the title to: 'Build the Best Football Team one
individual at a time'.  I'm committed to it, my son is and your
suggestions we are going to put to work starting Monday.

I have purchased and read the book you put out on the double
wing offense and the coaches guide to strength training.  I found
them to be of very high quality in the writing and instruction.  
While I am curious to see how some of the plays work (Running
the Toss pulling both guards with full speed motion, and three
pullers on a trap play) the information is presented in a clear and
easy to understand manner that is very accessible even to those
who have little or no knowledge of football or this offense.  I do
think that the materials were worth the money and I am looking
forward to purchasing the Single Wing book and perhaps the
Defensive books as well.  I would recommend these materials not
just to coaches interested in the Double Wing but for those who
want to understand football better in general.  One of the things
that I liked was that you explained the differences in the systems
of Markham, Wyatt, Murphy, and Vallotton.  And that was very
helpful and informative.  I also liked that you included some of
Calande’s ideas. And the Wedge series was one that I will be sure
to include in my offense.  I have increased my knowledge of the
Double Wing and weight training greatly.  This helps me a lot
because I am a football coach at the varsity level and a strongman
competitor looking to help me and my athletes get stronger.  I am
very impressed with your materials and no-nonsense approach to
writing.  Like yourself, I own many of the materials from those
involved with this offense and would like to say that your
materials are on par with the others that are out there.  Keep up
the good work.  
MN Class 4A State Runner-Up, St Thomas Academy Cadets

I got a chance to buy your strength training book, and I am very
impressed. The fact that you have "been through the trenches"
and to even have video of you doing it is huge.  I also have your
PP you presented at the Double Wing Symposium.  I don't know
if I should use that program through the summer and the regular
season, or should I use the PP program for six weeks THEN use
the "Ultimate Combination Workout" program you have in the
book?  Thanks for everything; we are starting workouts on
William Harrell: Offensive Coordinator, Butler HS, GA

I loved the last is and was a tremendous help to me with
my athlete. The book is well written, no nonsense, funny, and
down to business. And I will most defiantly purchase any strength
training book written by you. The part I personal enjoyed the
most is the practically of it, your first hand experience of coaching
with High School athletes and not so made up of programs that
'might work' or 'think they will' as in many other books out
there.  Thanks again,

Hey Coach, I just received your Coach Guide’s to Strength
Training.  I have already completed it.  You have some very good
information in one place that is very helpful.  I also am finishing
my Certified Strength & Conditioning Certification this year so I
found your teaching and training methods very well approached.  
I learned a couple of good cues for players while in the weight
room.  Again Thanks for a great book.
Scott Goddard, Colleton County HS, SC

Finally, after 23 years, I now realize why all the ass-busting I did
in the gym as a high schooler translated into NO improvement in
speed. “Bigger and Stronger” does not necessarily mean “faster.”
While it’s obviously too late for my playing career, I can use this
information with the kids I coach to maximize (and exceed) their
current potential. Thanks!

2008 Season Update:  Hey Rob, I just want to update you on the
season.  We are now 9-1 and ranked 4th in the state of
Kentucky.   We are the number 1 rushing team in the state with
over 3,900 in the regular season, averaging almost 50 points a
game.  We are ranked in almost every category of team offense
and defense.  We have two backs over 1,000 yards and one with
over 800.  We are starting the play-offs this week.
Thanks again for your impact from 3 years ago that is still being
felt in Estill County, Kentucky.
Mike Jones: Head Coach, Estill County HS  

RESULTS!!!  We just finished our second group going through
four weeks of 20-rep squats.  Results were GREAT. It's
frightening just how much they'd have gained if they would just
EAT. [What's harder: doing the 20's or eating? Answer: Eating]
This week is our dead period.  I'm going to put the linenman on a
strength/power 5x5.  Thanks for the info.

I probably should have wrote this email years ago.  Nevertheless,
I just wanted to say thanks for the progressive Olympic lifting
program that you taught at the double wing symposium way
back.  I have trained 100's of athletes off all ages with the
methodology.   Solid results!
Dr. Matt Mortenson: Performance/Rehab, NSCA Advisor

I've been a football coach for 22 years in Nebraska, 14 of them
as a head coach.  What I like most about Coach McAdams'
philosophy to football is his analytical aspect of the game.  I've
never seen someone research more before publishing a book.  It's
not just theory, it's practical, proven successful experience.  He is
selling you something you can use tomorrow to turn your
program around.  His books are worth several times more than he
charges.  Try one of his books...  You'll buy all of them, I know I
did.  Thanks Coach McAdams.
Greg Hansen: Head Football Coach, South Sioux City HS, NE
Rob, I watched the videos you sent me yesterday.  Man that was
awesome to watch Marine Football.  I forgot how damn hard
those games are played.  I think the hardest I was ever hit in
football was playing Marine Corps Football.  Everyone has a "kill
shot" attitude :)   I think I have probably read 100's of books on
strength training and your approach in the book is so simple and
the way you teach the various aspects of power, strength, and the
fatigue aspect are simply outstanding.  I really enjoyed being able
to compare the various fatigue and volume training aspects as
well.  I read that section nearly a dozen times and it was very
informative.  You did a great job with it.
Jack Gregory   

Sorry about the delayed response, we just ended spring ball
Friday and had an all day passing tourney yesterday.  Believe it or
not, we went undefeated and won it.  Anyway, enough excuses.  
Your books are outstanding!  What a great job.  I love the
collaboration of everyone's stuff, including your own.  How you
break down everything and give your opinion makes a lot of
since.  I think you really have something special with your work.  
I appreciate the credit for everything, you really took care of your
colleagues, something that seems to be rare these days.  As far as
the highlight film, I had a lot of problems getting it to a DVD, my
editing system is a little dated.  I will get it out to you by mid-
week at the latest.  Also, let me know if there is anything else on
my website that you want.  I will send it out with the highlight
film.  Again coach, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your
Tim Murphy, Head Coach, Clovis East HS, CA

Coach McAdams’ perimeter book helped us to 9-3 record, which
tied our school record for best ever.  We led the entire state of
Kentucky in rushing with 3900 yards and a rushing average of
343 yards per game.  Secondly, I know and coached with Rob,
and he is without a doubt the best strength and conditioning guy I
Mike Jones: Head Coach, Estill County HS, KY  

I have paged through them, it looks as if you did a pretty nice job
on them.  I probably won't have time to read them thoroughly
front to back until after next season, but I did page through all
three, and nothing negative jumped out at me.  They all seemed
to be well sited and very accurate and detailed, very good job.
Jason Mensing, Head Coach, Tecumseh HS, MI

I've been given the off-season program this year after finally
talking the head coach into handing it over. I use several things
from your strength book from technique to increasing calories for
the team. Though we use a little bit different template than you
mention in the book, the way you teach the clean has made a
tremendous difference. Now that it is on my shoulders I teach it
like you teach it. No more timed sets of cleans with rep after rep
of terrible form.  Since the first Monday in November to now, the
average increase in the clean has been about 45 pounds. Our
other lifts have increased as much as 45% on lower body lifts. By
the way, we use the 3 milk rule at breakfast and lunch and the
average team weight gain has been 15 pounds.  Thanks!!!

Rob, I enjoyed your first DW book so much that I decided to buy
the perimeter book as well as the strength book.  The book isvery
easy to understand and really builds off of the first book.  We
plan to install the Jet series this summer.  I like the way you
diagram the play against several defenses.   I also like the
adjustments you made to trap, wingback alignment, and different
schemes such as "T Power".  My school (Lancaster
Christian Academy) played its first game on May 4th using your
book as the sole guide to our offense.  We rushed for 250+ yards
and won 20-0!  Let me remind you that this was our first game as
a school and many of my players had never played in a game!  
The perimeter book has given me the tools I need to get outside
much quicker.  I also plan to use a couple of the formation
changes you suggest from time to time.
The strength book is an absolute great read as well.  It is also well
written and easy to understand.  We implemented this training
about 3 weeks ago and it is awesome.  The guys are being pushed
to the limit by these workouts.  You can tell that this type of
training is exactly what football players should be doing.  I have
never seen kids throw up just from lifting weight!  I feel that this
type of training is going to give us a huge advantage on the field in
the fall.  I can't say enough good things about this book.  Thanks
a lot man.
Rayburn Greene: Head Coach, Citrus HS, FL

I've purchased and read 3 of your books so far, and I have found
the Coach's Guide To Sport Specific Strength Training book to
be the best.  The Double Wing and Gap Man Pressure books
were good, but your Strength Training info was very good.  I
coach youth football at the 14 year old level and used elements of
your pressure defense this season.  We went 9-2, but lost in our
championship game to a strong veer team.  We also run the
Double Wing.  I'm very interested in your fat-loss book.  I will be
purchasing your next book as soon as its ready.  My boy is now
16 and trying to get ready for his senior season. Thanks

I did get the books.  I thought the Strength book was very good.  
I like the different workouts, etc.  Your progressions  for the
Olympic lifts always interests me.  I like the importance put on
the Olympic lifts, they are the staple of our program.  The video
was good as well.  I always like to see the little technique
differences people use.  I tend to be more like you with a wider
stance and hips down and back (out).  I am going to send you a
dvd set of our season last year.  It will have a highlight film and
then all 10 game films.  I haven't had time to really look at the
defensive book.  We are a 3-5-3 Defensive team which you will
see on the videos.  SBV jobs are rare, although I think more
people will be going to it in the future.  I like Carson Newman's
System which we use.  We have made some changes on the
blocking schemes but everything else is pretty much the same.  I
think you can access an old CN playbook on the SBV site.  I
thought you would like to know that we are taking 15 kids to the
School Age Nationals in Orlando, as a part of Team Georgia.
Thanks again for the books,
Stan Luttrell: Head Coach, Chestatee HS, GA

I have also read your strength training book.  I am 39 years old
but have put about 10 lbs of relatively decent weight in a couple
of months of playing around with the stuff in the book.  I loved
10x10 training and descending 4x12s when I was a kid.  When I
had kids I no longer had time to work out as much as I did and I
fell into the HIT trap for the sake of time.  I will say that studying
some of their thinking helped me to see the degree to which I
overtrained in high school and college, and it teaches you to get
the most out of a set.  However, one set per bodypart every 5-6
days (no matter how close to aneurism you take it) just doesn't
get it done for long.  My training basically dwindled to nothing
and I turned to martial arts just to stay in shape.  However, going
back to the stuff you cover in the book has been a blast.  I am
working on a Bill Starr 5x5 right now, but switch up programs
every 2-3 weeks so I will cycle back into the 10x10's soon and
start all over.  I look forward to reading your new book for more
on your 5x5 ideas.  Anyway, lifting is fun again and martial arts
are on hold for now.  I have been blown away by how helpful
and generous with your time that you and other coaches like
Jason Mensing have been in helping get me ready for the
upcoming season.  I will let  you know how our season turns out.  
Best of luck to you and your team.
Bill Whiteside

Annapolis High School finished 6-4. 2nd straight playoff
appearance in the schools 50 year history.  We fortfeited the
season due to lack of interest back in 2002 and we started
Olympic lifting this year. We broke offensive (DW) records and
defensive records.
Casey Ruthenberg: Head Coach, Annapolis HS, MI

I recently ordered all 6 of your books.  I am a huge Double Wing
fan.  It is what we believe in.  I have read most of the stuff out
there, and I have found yours to be right at the top.  Thanks for
the very good job with those books.  We needed something that
we believed in on defense (similarly to the Double Wing
on offense).  I think we are going to run your gap-man-pressure
or 25/50 defense.  This is was our first year here.  They were 2-7
last year in a smaller conference.  This year we moved to a larger
conference and finished 6-5.  Made the playoffs and won one
game.  We felt the reason we turned things around were because
of 2 main things:  1) Starting Weightlifting and 2) the Double
Wing Offense.  Otherwise it may have likely been another 2 win
season.  Personally, I felt the two things that got us into trouble in
the few games we lost were  1) we needed prior weightlifting to
become even better physically and 2) I needed to be more patient
with my play calling and just stick with the Double Wing core
plays more.  Thanks again.
Bryant Brenner: Head Coach, Eau Claire Regis HS, WI

I coach at Llano HS in Texas (3A west of Austin).  We just got
beat in the second round after people predicted us to finish 5th in
district.  We run the Slot-T and have rushed for over 4,000 yards
the last two seasons.  I have bought two of your strength and fat
loss books and enjoyed them.  Tonight I just ordered both double
wing books for my “smash mouth” enjoyment. I have a lot of
Hugh Wyatt and Murphy’s, so I have been studying for a while.
There a lot of similarities between the Slot-T and the Double
Wing.  There are 2 things I really like about the Double Wing, the
Power play, and the rules are very simple for offensive lineman.  
The Slot-T is a great offense, but can be very complex
offensively for linemen.  There are a lot of exceptions to the
rules, etc.  
Jimmy Thomas:  Head Coach, Danbury HS, TX

Coach, Got it.  I had forgotten just how good it was.  My older
son used your methods and ended up a 300 lb clean guy at a
body weight of about 170.  His strength was a huge factor in him
earning a full NAIA basketball scholarship.  My younger son is
just a couple of days into the program and he loves it.
John Jordan: Dean of Students, St Francis HS, CA
Coach's Guide To Sport Specific Strength Training