Double Wing Football Offense Advanced Concepts
The Double Wing Football Offense Advanced Concepts book is a
truly unique schematic undertaking.  He has taken three offenses
that have proven to be among the most difficult to defend and
contrarian to mainstream (Single Wing, Double Wing, and Split
Veer) and melded them together.  He has come up with a means
of taking the very best aspects of all three of theses great offenses
and creating a usable menu for coaches to consider.  The bottom
line is that a coach who is interested in any ONE of these offenses
will benefit dramatically from the hybrid similarities shared by all
three.  Somehow Coach McAdams has managed to get the best of
these offenses expressed together in one book.
John Sterner: Head Coach, Muskego HS, WI

I just finished reading Robert McAdams latest book "The Double
Wing Offense Advanced Concepts" for the second time this
week.  Just about anything Coach McAdams writes is required
reading for my staff and this book is no different.  As usual,
Coach McAdams does a great job of taking a very complex
scheme and not only simplifying it, but adapting it to the Double
Wing.  I found the blocking scheme he uses for the outside veer to
be very similar in scheme and mindset to the DW.  It took our
kids one practice to memorize and understand their assignments
for his veer.  My teams use a DW/SW mix and it really keeps the
defense off balance.  If you are looking to blend the two systems
you must have this book!  The book is very easy to understand
and has a lot of diagrams showing exactly how each play should
look.  Coach McAdams has taken it a step further by adding "the
dreaded veer" to this system.  I agree with Coach that this will
make a DW/SW team almost impossible to prepare for in one
week.  This book showed me how to install the veer and practice
it very quickly.  The "point mesh" that Coach McAdams
advocates in this book is very simple.  All in all, this book was a
very enjoyable and easy read.  I would highly recommend this
book for any double wing/single wing coach looking for something
explosive to add to his arsenal with minimal teaching.  Again,
because the line splits are the same, your kids will feel very
comfortable with this package, but it will present a huge challenge
to any defense.  Thanks for all your work Coach!
Rayburn Greene: Head Football Coach, Seven Rivers Chr, FL

Each year we look to expand/improve our Double Wing Offense
at Hazelwood West.  In 2008, we looked to add elements of the
Single Wing to our package, which helped us average 34 points
per game, a 7-3 record, and the Suburban North Conference
Championship.  Coach McAdams has done it again with The
Double Wing Football Offense - Advanced Concepts.  Many of
these schemes are now part of our offensive package.  His ability
to blend in my opinion 3 of the most potent offenses is priceless.
This book is a must own for any seasoned DW/SW team/staff.  
Coach McAdams has taken the DW/SW thing to the next level.  
Can't wait to install the Veer into our package.  Thanks again for
all you do for the game of football.  
Tim Kuhn: Offensive Coordinator, Hazelwood West HS, MO

I have read countless football coaching and philosophy books and
this Double Wing Offense: Advanced Concepts is with out a
doubt, one of the most in-depth football scheme books I have
read.  It not only breaks down 3 proven and very effective
offenses, but it also demonstrates how to combine them so a
coach can pick and choose what he wants to use from each of
them.  Coach McAdams has taken on the unthinkable task of
breaking down and combining the Double Wing, Split Back Veer,
and the Single Wing, and has put it into an easy-read format.  
Coach McAdams has again out-done himself with this venture and
I look forward to his next literary work.  Thanks for making my
job easier coach!
Greg Hansen: Head Football Coach, Stanton HS, NE

Great book again, Coach.  I remember when I was an assistant
coach on a Double Wing team.  I read Jerry Valloton's book and
all of Hugh Wyatt's stuff.  Hugh talked about the tremendous
option potential of the Double Wing, but said he just couldn't do it
all.  You have written a book for us Option guys that can't part
with that component of offense no matter what system we're
coaching in.  Very complete and even comforting for someone
who is considering combining option with their Double Wing.  It
can be done, you have written the manual.  Great work!!
Will Fields: Head Football Coach, Bath County HS, VA

Read through the DW:AC book; it is an outstanding read. Like
you stated in your book, many coaches would never combine a
Split Back Veer offense with the Double Wing, and some coaches
would hesitate to combine it with the Single Wing. Your book is
the first to ever discover how to do all three! Instead of using
general concepts that cannot be applied to real football, you
actually go into the details of each play and how they handle any
fronts that a team may face. You also do an outstanding job of
being truthful in the implementation of each Hybrid scheme and
strategy. This is a must read for anyone who is running the Double
Wing or who has a rushing offense philosophy.
William Harrell: Head Football Coach, Hephzibah MS, GA

I just got Advanced Concepts, almost finished....great job.  This is
the 2nd year we have run the DW, but really the first year that we
committed to it.  We went 6-4 which is really about four more
games than anybody, except me expected to win.  Many teams
back the backers up when they play us.  I think because the
powers are so slow developing and they can really get a collision
on the pullers.  Also it keeps them from getting caught up in the
double teams.  I am really looking for a quick hitting dive, which
your book outlines or an old FB belly play.  This is the third
football book I have bought from you, and I also bought the
weight training book.  Great work...  I have read them cover to
cover, made notes, bookmarked with post its, let my assistants use
them.  Great stuff.  I did it a little backwards.  You wrote the
books and put all this stuff together so I wouldn't have to buy all
the material.....  Well after you mentioned all of the guys you got
info from, I went out and bought the stuff.  I am like a sponge... I
have also spent almost a grand on all this stuff.  But again, I really
do appreciate it and you do a great job.
Will Thomas:  Head Coach, Central of Lunenburg HS, VA
I have read many of Robert McAdams' books on various football
offenses.  I myself am a Single Wing coach and have spent
couple years in the Triple Option Offense along with time in the
Wing-T and Spread of Offenses.  What Coach McAdams' has
done in his Double Wing Advanced Concepts book is truly
innovative. He combines three offenses that share aspects of
power and deception and uses their differences to create a new
scheme.  Football today has become a melting pot of schemes
and trends.  Many teams have packages of power and the ability
to spread the field both vertically and horizontally.  Coach
McAdams' new book outlines a new way for the coach who is
looking for something new and different but still fits in his
philosophy to have it all.  The book is easy to read and follow,
the diagrams are clear well labeled, and easy to see the plays
develop.  Details for installation and implementation are found
throughout the book.  I found that the book was clearly
researched and developed and fully recommend it for the coach
looking to arm himself with a new scheme or football enthusiast
who love the Single Wing, Double Wing, or Veer Option football.
Tom Lewis: Offensive Coach Galion High School, OH
Former Head Coach Plymouth High School, OH

Like all of your books, I found "Advanced Concepts" to be very
well-organized.  What has impressed me about your writing is the
way it is always easy to comprehend and the way the entire thing
"flows".  Along with that, the quality is top notch as well.  The
first book that I bought on the double-wing was Jack Gregory's
book "Youth Double Wing".  That was very difficult to follow.  
Eventually, I found it to be helpful, and I think he had a lot of
great ideas - but it was in need of a good editor.  I felt that it kind
of jumped from thought to thought and because of that, it was
not as immediately helpful as it could have been.  What I have
found when reading your books is that I can read it and start
applying it to our team's situation RIGHT THEN!  
I will also say that for me, I received "Advanced Concepts" at the
perfect moment.  We were having a slight crisis on our team
because I wanted to run the Single Wing this year - primarily
because I had read your Single Wing book over the summer and
watched youtube highlights of the full spin series.  I still believe
there is NO WAY that a youth defense (ages 10-11 on my team)
would ever consistently stop that offense if you executed it well.  
Anyway, I have previously emailed you and asked your opinion
about running the Single Wing with a balanced line - because that
is what my 2 assistants wanted to do.  The unbalanced line scared
them a lot.  And this is just what "Advanced Concepts" brought
to our team - a merging of these 2 great ideas in the Single Wing
& Double Wing.  For my part, I skipped the Veer section.  I will
read it sometime in the future, but the die is cast for this season,
and we are going Double Wing, with a little Single Wing mixed in.
After completing "advanced concepts" I went back and bought
your other 2 double-wing books.  I wish I had found those first
before any of the other double wing information I have.  I really,
really appreciate the way you have done your research on the
thoughts surrounding these offenses and then put together a
comprehensive book.  I have about 8 different double wing
coaching videos and numerous books.  If I had found your books
first, I could saved several hundreds of dollars.  As this point I am
reading "The Perimeter Game", having completed "The Double
Wing Offense".  Anyway, all of your books are well written,
concise, and just so practical - as I read them I feel like I am kind
of having a conversation with another coach on our team and
considering how we'd install this with our team.  
Well, I hope I am not heaping too much praise on you...but from
my perspective it is very well deserved.  There is no other coach
in our league running anything like this - they are all running the
basic I-formation, pro set, or wishbone.  No one seems to have
any idea what we're up to - so it has been a great help to me to
have your books to rely on.  The 2 guys that are helping me
coach were extremely worried about the Single Wing and just a
hair more confident in the double-wing...until we had our first
scrimmage this week.  Our first three plays in the scrimmage
were Single Wing 26 Power, those 3 plays went for 7-8 yards
each time.  In a game, I would have ran it a 4th time, but I
wanted to see how the defense would react to the Counter at that
point...we ran the Counter with our slowest WB, and he ran
untouched the length of the field.  We had similar success all
night - so, they were much more confident in it after that.
But having books like yours is a big help for a stranded youth
coach like myself.  First, it gives me a framework of how to
install this offense, and just as important, it gives you a little
courage to argue for this offense and to stand up for it.  As I
know you have experienced, people look at you funny when you
start setting these kids up in this weird formation...and you have
to have a little confidence to see it through.
Anyway, thanks for the new book of "Advanced Concepts" but
thanks really for all of the books you have written - and for all of
the time that went into researching the information in the books.

I own all of your football books. I really enjoy them because they
are loaded with useful information. I like how you give insights
into the origins of your topics. I constantly refer to the books
throughout the year. My favorites are the "Advanced Concepts",
"The Split Back Veer", and the "Gap Man Pressure" titles.

Coach just got your Advanced Offense book, like some of your
ideas.  I retired from coaching in 1994, coached for 30 years, 27
as head coach.  Ran the veer for 24 years, 2 undefeated, 4 one
loss teams.  I know what you mean about the outside veer, "best
play ever". I have a grandson who has outstanding speed, he is 9
years old, I helped coach a pee wee team that he played on, (he
scored 11 of the 15 touchdowns in game schedule.  I promised
him I would be his head coach next year in the 9 - 10 division.  I
am looking seriously at the DW offense, but wonder if I will have
the time and talent (at Qb) to add some Veer.  Thus I ordered
your book.Thanks, your material is well written and worth the
time and money.
Coach Joe Wood: Portage, Michigan