Double Wing Football Offense
Coach McAdams’ perimeter book helped us to 9-3 record, which
tied our school record for best ever.  We led the entire state of
KYin rushing with 3900 yards and a rushing average of 343 yards
per game.  Secondly, I know and coached with Rob, and he is
without a doubt the best strength and conditioning guy I know.
Mike Jones: Head Coach, Estill County HS, KY  

I just finished the Perimeter game...good stuff.  It is a very
concise document on the various forms of attacking the perimeter
with the Double Wing.
Jack Gregory

Outstanding book. Coach McAdams breaks down all components
of the Perimeter game, and gives information from a wide range
of sources. His scholarship in the Double Wing is excellent.
Colin Brinson: Offensive Coordinator, Nichols HS, NY

I enjoyed both your Double Wing Offense books very much!  I
found them both informative and interesting.  They would make a
helpful resource for not only a novice Double Wing coach, but a
veteran coach as well.  Both books have been put to use as I
prepare for the up-coming season.
Sam Keator: Head Coach, Forman HS, CT

Coach, I’m sorry for the delay; we are just getting in to season
here too.  The draft is next week, and I will keep you posted as
the season progresses.  I found both books very helpful to a new
Double Wing coach.  There is a lot of information in regards to
different plays, the blocking for each, the rationale for each, and
how to use them in a series to present conflict to the defense.  
Also, the drills look like they will be very useful too.  I can't wait
to put my new knowledge to use next week!!! Thanks again.

We have done pretty good so far this year.  We beat Marion
County twice at camp, and they were loaded full of athletes. We
won both our scrimmages. And we beat Nicholas County, who
beat Fleming County the other night 28-14.  Week 1 we fumbled
5 times to give away our first game.  But we beat Bourbon
County Week 2, so we'll be okay if we can hold on the ball...  
Take it easy man.
Mike Jones: Head Coach, Estill County HS, KY

Well Coach, I want to thank you for the Double Wing Books.
They have helped me a lot. I will also be interested in the
Defense books that you are finishing up. I will let you know what
happens soon with the offense. We have not played yet in
Switzerland do to the bad weather, but I think we will finally be
able to have our first game this coming Sunday. I will fill you in
on what happens. Thanks again for the books. They have really
helped me understand the Offense better and made it easy for me
to teach my guy's. Great Work!!!!  God Bless!
Delmus Pinkston:  Head Coach, AFC Luzern Lions, Switzerland

I recently ordered your Double and Single wing books.  They
were real good with a lot of good info.  I coach a 7th and 8th
grade Youth team in Madera, CA.  We are a small town with a
small school.  We run the Double Wing with great success.  I
used the Rocket on occasion and found it to be a good series.  
One game we faced a team that used a 2-6-3 defense; 2 lineman,
6 linebackers and 3 safeties.  I they stuffed everything but the
Rocket.  Also, we used a Rocket with an inside trap to the
fullback at the same time, that really confused them.  Anyway
good luck on the next book.

To Coach Jones (Estill Co, KY)…  
We beat Mason, last night, Varsity 40-8; JV 30-12.  They came
to me in 2nd quarter and asked for a short halftime and running
clock in 2nd half. Wedge, Belly, and Trap!!  We ran trap versus
odd and even fronts for huge gains.  Against 4-4, we just cross
block it with center leading and left guard trapping the right DT.  
We scored on 12 Belly Pass.  Once that playside LB starts
coming forward to try and stop Belly, the short dump to TE is
wide open or (flat to wing).   My kids REQUESTED to run
sprints at halftime!!!  They are now officially a DW, psycho-
twisted unit of madmen.  Thanks again for the clinic.  It was
worth triple the price.  If you need me to write a letter for
promotional purposes, just let me know!!!
Brian Turner: OC, Morgan County HS, KY

I have read through your double wing perimeter book and wanted
to say thank you for your insights. It has been very helpful on
hitting the outside. We have the offense rolling now...

Like all of your books, I found "Advanced Concepts" to be very
well-organized.  What has impressed me about your writing is the
way it is always easy to comprehend and the way the entire thing
"flows".  Along with that, the quality is top notch as well.  The
first book that I bought on the double-wing was Jack Gregory's
book "Youth Double Wing".  That was very difficult to follow.  
Eventually, I found it to be helpful, and I think he had a lot of
great ideas - but it was in need of a good editor.  I felt that it kind
of jumped from thought to thought and because of that, it was
not as immediately helpful as it could have been.  What I have
found when reading your books is that I can read it and start
applying it to our team's situation RIGHT THEN!  
I will also say that for me, I received "Advanced Concepts" at the
perfect moment.  We were having a slight crisis on our team
because I wanted to run the Single Wing this year - primarily
because I had read your Single Wing book over the summer and
watched youtube highlights of the full spin series.  I still believe
there is NO WAY that a youth defense (ages 10-11 on my team)
would ever consistently stop that offense if you executed it well.  
Anyway, I have previously emailed you and asked your opinion
about running the Single Wing with a balanced line - because that
is what my 2 assistants wanted to do.  The unbalanced line scared
them a lot.  And this is just what "Advanced Concepts" brought
to our team - a merging of these 2 great ideas in the Single Wing
& Double Wing.  For my part, I skipped the Veer section.  I will
read it sometime in the future, but the die is cast for this season,
and we are going Double Wing, with a little Single Wing mixed in.
After completing "advanced concepts" I went back and bought
your other 2 double-wing books.  I wish I had found those first
before any of the other double wing information I have.  I really,
really appreciate the way you have done your research on the
thoughts surrounding these offenses and then put together a
comprehensive book.  I have about 8 different double wing
coaching videos and numerous books.  If I had found your books
first, I could saved several hundreds of dollars.  As this point I am
reading "The Perimeter Game", having completed "The Double
Wing Offense".  Anyway, all of your books are well written,
concise, and just so practical - as I read them I feel like I am kind
of having a conversation with another coach on our team and
considering how we'd install this with our team.  
Well, I hope I am not heaping too much praise on you...but from
my perspective it is very well deserved.  There is no other coach
in our league running anything like this - they are all running the
basic I-formation, pro set, or wishbone.  No one seems to have
any idea what we're up to - so it has been a great help to me to
have your books to rely on.  The 2 guys that are helping me
coach were extremely worried about the Single Wing and just a
hair more confident in the double-wing...until we had our first
scrimmage this week.  Our first three plays in the scrimmage
were Single Wing 26 Power, those 3 plays went for 7-8 yards
each time.  In a game, I would have ran it a 4th time, but I
wanted to see how the defense would react to the Counter at that
point...we ran the Counter with our slowest WB, and he ran
untouched the length of the field.  We had similar success all
night - so, they were much more confident in it after that.
But having books like yours is a big help for a stranded youth
coach like myself.  First, it gives me a framework of how to
install this offense, and just as important, it gives you a little
courage to argue for this offense and to stand up for it.  As I
know you have experienced, people look at you funny when you
start setting these kids up in this weird formation...and you have
to have a little confidence to see it through.
Anyway, thanks for the new book of "Advanced Concepts" but
thanks really for all of the books you have written - and for all of
the time that went into researching the information in the books.

I have purchased 3 books from Robert McAdams: "Double
Wing", Double Wing Perimeter Game, and "Single Wing".  All
three books use the same easy to read format. They are an
overview of each offense complete with solid research. I would
recommend these books to anyone who wants to learn more
about these offenses. They are a great resource.

I've been a football coach for 22 years in Nebraska, 14 of them
as a head coach.  What I like most about Coach McAdams'
philosophy to football is his analytical aspect of the game.  I've
never seen someone research more before publishing a book.  It's
not just theory, it's practical, proven successful experience.  He is
selling you something you can use tomorrow to turn your
program around.  His books are worth several times more than he
charges.  Try one of his books...  You'll buy all of them, I know I
did.  Thanks Coach McAdams.
Greg Hansen: Head Football Coach, South Sioux City HS, NE
Coach, I received the books from you that I ordered.  Thank you
very much.  I have already read the double wing book and I am
half way through the perimeter game book.  I have been running
the double wing since 2001 and I am just looking at different
ways others are running it.  I like some of the different blocking
schemes you present and some different auxiliary plays.  We are
a 2A school of about 540 students 70 miles north of Spokane.  
Some of the better teams in our area are having some success
"ramming" the defensive lineman to our motion.  I am looking for
some ways to make teams pay for that tactic. I am also intrigued
by the spin offense that seems to be a good meld to the double
wing.  Also, I wanted a background in the single wing, so I can't
wait to get into your book on that.
Randy Cornwell: Head  Coach, Colville HS, WA

I have paged through them, it looks as if you did a pretty nice job
on them.  I probably won't have time to read them thoroughly
front to back until after next season, but I did page through all
three, and nothing negative jumped out at me.  They all seemed
to be well sited and very accurate and detailed, very good job.
Jason Mensing: Head Coach, Tecumseh HS, MI

Sorry about the delayed response, we just ended spring ball
Friday and had an all day passing tourney yesterday.  Believe it or
not, we went undefeated and won it.  Anyway, enough excuses.  
Your books are outstanding!  What a great job.  I love the
collaboration of everyone's stuff, including your own.  How you
break down everything and give your opinion makes a lot of
sense.  I think you really have something special with your work.  
I appreciate the credit for everything, you really took care of your
colleagues, something that seems to be rare these days.  As far as
the highlight film, I had a lot of problems getting it to a DVD, my
editing system is a little dated.  I will get it out to you by mid-
week at the latest.  Also, let me know if there is anything else on
my website that you want.  I will send it out with the highlight
film.  Again coach, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your
Tim Murphy: Head Coach, Clovis East HS, CA

I’m about halfway through the perimeter book (picked through
the whole thing), and I am really enjoying it.  You have given
credit where credit is due and provided us Double Wing guys with
great information on getting outside of the defense.  I am very
interested in re-reading the Jet information as we are installing it
into our offense this season.  I have recommend and will continue
to recommend your books to both experienced and inexperienced
double wing coaches.  I get a lot of questions through www. and when coaches are looking for print
material, I send them your way.  Looking forward to finishing it
and reading it again.  Let me know if there is anything you need.

I ordered your book on the Jet and Rocket series.  I am a first
time Head coach, and I was recently an offensive coordinator at a
5A school in FL for the last 16 years.  We won a State
Championship, and had 4 “final four” appearances.  I am opening
up a new school, and the schools I am drawing from went 0-10
and 4-6, so it can only get better.  I have the book and DVD from
Wes Elrod, and I wanted to run this Offense due to lack of talent
for the first couple of years.  Your book was very effective in
helping us to tie up some loose ends.  If you are ever in the
Florida area (Orlando), I would love to sit down and look at some
X's & O's... Thanks.
Doug Nichols: Head Coach, Liberty HS, FL

I have to say I love your books on the Double Wing.  I have used
them this past season here in the Swiss B league, and I have had
some very positive results.  We were able to gain respect from
other teams, and they even asked us questions about this strange
offense.  Remember, most of my guys (90%) have never played
football before, so this offense was the perfect fit.  Although we
did not win many games this season, we were very competitive.
Now I have bought your GMP and 25/50 defensive books and
love them too.  We will use the GMP as our main defense and
look into advancing to 25/50 when they all understand football a
little better.  Remember, these are adult men and not kids, but
they love the sport and they love the Double Wing Offense. They
know with more practice we will start to give it to these teams
over here and move up from the B league to the A league.  
Thanks again for the well written books, and I will keep you
informed on how they take to the defenses.
Delmus Pinkston: Head Coach, AFC Luzern Lions, Switzerland

Coach, I just wanted to send you some good news from
Tennessee.  We just beat our first 2007 opponents in a landslide
route.  It was straight “McAdams Double Wing” to the tee all
night, buddy!!!  They had no answer for the ground game.  We
put up nearly 400 yards rushing and threw 1 for 1 on the night,
Power Pass for a 25 yard touchdown.  Check out some of our
highlights on the team website (click football).  We got some
tough guys next week, but the Double Wing is rolling here and the
kids love it.  I'll keep you posted man.
Rayburn Greene: Head Coach, Citrus HS, FL

Coach, we won our 2008 opener, 48-19.  We had 518 yards
rushing and 0 yards passing...  I will call this week and give you
the details.  Hope all is well man.
Rayburn Greene: Head Coach, Citrus HS, FL

Coach McAdams, I can't thank you enough for the help you have
given me over the last couple of years.  I realized the other day
that half of my football library are 'McAdams' books.  They have
taught me so much about offense and strength training.  Our
offense is based off of your double wing books and we have
begun to incorporate the Single wing into our attack.  Recently, I
received the new Strength Training book that simplified a lot of
concepts you presented in your first manual.  We use your
programs and it has shown on the field.  We were 5-5 last year in
our inaugural season of high school football.  This year we are
currently 5-0.  We have rushed for over 1500 yards in 5 games
and have only given up 800 yards total.  The new book on
defense (25/50 Multiple Front Defense) is a great read for
coaches that are looking to simplify your scheme (a McAdams
trademark).  We are using some ideas from that book as well in
our defense this year.  I would highly recommend anything that
Coach McAdams writes.  His books are very easy to read and
understand.  He had a wealth of knowledge regarding weight
lifting and football.  All coaches will benefit from reading his
books.  Thanks coach!!
Rayburn Greene: Head Coach, Citrus HS, FL

I recently ordered all 6 of your books.  I am a huge Double Wing
fan.  It is what we believe in.  I have read most of the stuff out
there, and I have found yours to be right at the top.  Thanks for
the very good job with those books.  We needed something that
we believed in on defense (similarly to the Double Wing
on offense).  I think we are going to run your gap-man-pressure
or 25/50 defense.  This is was our first year here.  They were 2-7
last year in a smaller conference.  This year we moved to a larger
conference and finished 6-5.  Made the playoffs and won one
game.  We felt the reason we turned things around were because
of 2 main things:  1) Starting Weightlifting and 2) the Double
Wing Offense.  Otherwise it may have likely been another 2 win
season.  Personally, I felt the two things that got us into trouble in
the few games we lost were  1) we needed prior weightlifting to
become even better physically and 2) I needed to be more patient
with my play calling and just stick with the Double Wing core
plays more.  Thanks again.
Bryant Brenner: Head Coach, Eau Claire Regis HS, WI

I coach at Llano HS in Texas (3A west of Austin).  We just got
beat in the second round after people predicted us to finish 5th in
district.  We run the Slot-T and have rushed for over 4,000 yards
the last two seasons.  I have bought two of your strength and fat
loss books and enjoyed them.  Tonight I just ordered both double
wing books for my “smash mouth” enjoyment. I have a lot of
Hugh Wyatt and Murphy’s, so I have been studying for a while.
There a lot of similarities between the Slot-T and the Double
Wing.  There are 2 things I really like about the Double Wing, the
Power play, and the rules are very simple for offensive lineman.  
The Slot-T is a great offense, but can be very complex
offensively for linemen.  There are a lot of exceptions to the
rules, etc.  
Jimmy Thomas:  Head Coach, Danbury HS, TX

I have been a double wing high school coach since 2007. Both of
Robert's double wing books are very valuable to me. They both
are good synopsis of the double wing offense. He does a good job
of explaining the offense by examining the development of the
offense from the coaches who have gone before him. He has a
good understanding of the nuances within the double wing and I
often use the book, when I have a question or a problem that
needs solving.
Ray Kumpula