Various Books Sold On Ebay Reviews/Feedback
thanks                                                                                                                        jdr120890                           300006714380  
Thanks Semper FI !!!                                                                                                  jacksonjr43                         300002333695  
Great Stuff!!!!                                                                                                             familyg04                           4649902614  
good seller, quick shipment                                                                                          dogswoody1                        4648702799  
Quick shipment ,great book. Looking forward to the others.                                           dogswoody1                        4648702157  
fast delivery, will recommend doing business with in the future                                       mcmilleon                           4653784287  
Fast delivery, will recommend doing business with in the future                                      mcmilleon                           4653783972  
Good Service                                                                                                              lppopwarner                       4650210277  
great seller went above and beyond in this deal                                                              6443lorrainei                       8813726171  
A+ EBAYER!!!! FAST SHIPPER!!!! THANKS!!!!!                                                     goldbomb                           4643527385  
Great Seller!!! Thanks!!!                                                                                             backyardarmor                    4639206143  
Great product and super fast service, thanks for everything.                                            bishop1947                        7033084927  
good stuff, very informative and complete. Covers it all, A+                                           coachjimk                           4639742036  
Great to work with you, thanks! A++++++                                                                   footballsavage                      7240962496  
GREAT EBAYER!!!! FAST SHIPPER!!! HONEST!!!!                                                goldbomb                           4641681371  
Excellent book, and great service. A very well written book.                                           bishop1947                         4637286624  
Smooth transasction. Great material. Anybody can learn from this book. Thanks.             mercury-redstone                4637286318  
Concepts are easily understood and can work on all levels. Great purchase!                     dwaid921                            7239411257  
Super service and a great product, thanks for everything.                                               bishop1947                         7240968984  
Great service-quick shipment -products as described.                                                     springfield-rain                    4639240925  
a+++                                                                                                                          jabba1905                          4639216011  
Thanks!~ My son already sat down and made out a routine for himself.                          carla0010020036wep           4630323561  
Excellent seller. Perfect transaction. Thank uou.                                                            stephen1938                        8276205548  
Delivery was prompt. Thank you.                                                                                dcmelcher                           7227759398  
great selletr A+ all the way                                                                                           no1studentofthegame           4618092327
great seller, prompt                                                                                                      brettandty                           4615771641
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Awesome transaction,fast shipping,great communication,great ebayer,A+A+A+A+A+       dmajb1                               4618092972  
Nice transaction. Extremely prompt shipper. I am very satisfied.                                     tmac196                             4618093631
great information                                                                                                        footballphil473                     72166296
Fast reliable seller A+                                                                                                  mrshamrock76                    7218385386
GREAT!                                                                                                                    paulsonified2002                 7213176938  
Great item, A+ seller very reliable                                                                                mrshamrock76                     7216738518