Gap-Man Pressure Football Defense
Coach, I have purchased two books from you and I love 'em
both.  I am a first year head coach at a first year program.  Is
there any way I could call you sometime and ask a few
questions?  I had asked this before but I deleted the email by
mistake.  We are running the Double Wing exactly as you have it,
same terminology and everything.  We started spring practice this
week.  We are having an extended spring practice because we
can.  I have been working with the offense for about 4 months in
this scheme.  We are very familiar with Power, Counter, and
Wedge.  We are getting ready to install Trap then Sweep.  
Anyway, I have read the book about 4 times through, and I am
pumped about our scrimmage on may 4th.
Rayburn Greene: Head Coach. Citrus HS, FL

I have paged through them, it looks as if you did a pretty nice job
on them.  Probably won't have time to read them front to back
until after next season but I did page through all three and nothing
negative jumped out, seemed to be well sited and very accurate
and detailed-very good job.
Jason Mensing: Head Coach, Tecumseh HS, MI

Sorry about the delayed response, we just ended spring ball
Friday and had an all day passing tourney yesterday.  Believe it or
not we went undefeated and won it.  Anyway, enough excuses.  
Your books are outstanding!  What a great job.  I love the
collaboration of everyone's stuff, including your own.  How you
break down everything and give your opinion makes a lot of
since.  I think you really have something special with your work.  
I appreciate the credit for everything, you really took care of your
colleagues, something that seems to be rare these days.  As far as
the highlight film, I had a lot of problems getting it to a DVD, my
editing system is a little dated.  I will get it out to you by
mid-week at the latest.  Also, let me know if there is anything else
on my website that you want.  I will send it out with the highlight
film.  Again coach, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your
Tim Murphy: Head Coach, Clovis East HS, CA

I enjoyed the Gap Man Pressure defense book.  It was highly
organized and very useful.  I would refer the book to all coaches.  
I am also interested in purchasing the 4-4 book, so let me know
when it is completed!!

I coach 10 YO's, and I have effectively used the Gap-Air-Mirror
defense with 9 & 10 YO's and Calande's 46 Gambler with 12
YO's a couple of seasons ago.  I found your defense to be similar
to both of those other defenses I've researched.  Usually half of
the kids on my teams can not play well in space, and by placing
them in the gaps, charging low and hard, they can be effective in
a Gap scheme.  It also allows me to get minimum play kids their
playing time.  Overall, a very good read.

The concepts are easily understood and can work on all levels.  It
was a great purchase!!

I am really satisfied with both the Gap-Man Pressure and Double
Wing books.  I am very excited about the Gap-Man Pressure
Defense.  I have been a GAM follower for years.  I like the
flexibility your defense seems to offer with the various stunts
while including the pressure aspects of the GAM.  I am studying
this very hard and plan to review with my other coaches soon.  
We start practices on July 10.

I have read the Gap Man Pressure defense book, and thought it
brought to light very good points. The points were not just about
your defense, but others as well.  I would buy another book from
you, this book was well put and in simple terms.  Thanks.

Your book on Gap-Man-Pressure is amazing; I have not seen
anything like it before installing it. While coaching middle school
last year, our defense gave us an opportunity to compete against
more talented teams week after week, and only once did we
allow more than one touchdown throughout the entire season.
Your defense takes great aspects of other successful defenses,
combines them while getting rid of their weaknesses, and even
gives coaches adjustments to any situation. Your contrarian
approach ties right into my coaching philosophy, and your
reasoning for designing this scheme is pure genius that many
coaches do not ever realize, even after coaching for 30 or more
years. It takes away all of the excuses and does something that
real coaches love; it empowers us to maximize our talent against
superior teams and dominate those who we match up with. There
should be more books on this defense; right now you are the
pioneer of it. Great book and a must read!
William Harrell: Offensive Coordinator, Butler HS, GA

I have read most of your 25/50 Defense book and am really
enjoying it.  This season, I am coaching 5th and 6th graders, most
of whom have never played before, although I have a few
returners that I can count on to come up and hit.  We only get
three practices a week during pre season and it cuts back to two
during the season.  Not much time to teach blocking and tackling
from scratch and get offense, defense and special teams in.  
Double wing will take more than 50% of the time to install, so I
am betting on the ball control to take pressure off our defense.  
While I like the 25/50, I am leaning towards the Gap Man
Pressure, as we are going to likely be outsized up front.  Plus, the
gap fire tackles give me a place to get some playing time for some
of the less athletic kids.  I saw an interview with Tony Dungee
about the "Tampa 2" where he basically said it is more of a
philosophy than a scheme.  The philosophy is basically give each
guy a simple assignment that by virtue of alignment takes away a
big chunk of their playbook and since your weak spots are
obvious, you know where they are going to try to go so practice
against that.  The Gap Man Pressure seems to fit that philosophy
well at the youth level.  If I ever wind up coaching older kids, I
will jump all over the 25/50 though.  I have been blown away by
how helpful and generous with your time that you and other
coaches like Jason Mensing have been in helping get me ready for
the upcoming season.  I will let  you know how our season turns
out.  Best of luck to  you and your team.
Bill Whiteside

I own all of your football books. I really enjoy them because they
are loaded with useful information. I like how you give insights
into the origins of your topics. I constantly refer to the books
throughout the year. My favorites are the "Advanced Concepts",
"The Split Back Veer", and the "Gap Man Pressure" titles.

I've been a football coach for 22 years in Nebraska, 14 of them
as a head coach.  What I like most about Coach McAdams'
philosophy to football is his analytical aspect of the game.  I've
never seen someone research more before publishing a book.  It's
not just theory, it's practical, proven successful experience.  He is
selling you something you can use tomorrow to turn your
program around.  His books are worth several times more than he
charges.  Try one of his books...  You'll buy all of them, I know I
did.  Thanks Coach McAdams.
Greg Hansen: Head Football Coach, South Sioux City HS, NE
Ran your Gap pressure last year. The kids loved it!  Going to use
the 25/50 front this year.  And maybe the double wing, I coach
the middle school at a small private school so we try to teach
what the high school runs and that is the spread. We do well for
the first quarter then with just 20 kids and about four real athletes
that play both ways we run out of gas.

I purchased and read your Gap Man Pressure Defense book and
got a lot out of it.  I used variations of your 10-1, but our base
defense was a 6-2, with a lot of added pressure from LB's and
DB's.  The biggest help was with the DB's.  My team is made up
of 11 & 12 year olds, so passing became a bigger part of our
defense than before.  I used your tight bump and run technique
for the corners exactly as you instructed, and it worked perfectly.  
My corners were above average, but not the best athletes on the
field against any team we played, but we were able to intercept an
average 1.8 passes per game.  I also used the pressure from your
book to our advantage against the run and pass.  We ran a 4-4
early in the season for a few series, but our kids did not perform
well in space, just as your book advised.  We pressed every team
we faced and it worked.  The teams that had better or as good of
players as us were beat by the pressure.  We had someone in the
backfield every play to disrupt the timing of the play.  We were
able to have our magical season by finishing 12-0 and Super bowl
Champions of our county (in AL).  The kids had a lot of fun.  
Everyone played (25 players).  We only lost 2 kids from quitting,
which was great since we had plenty of marginal players.  All of
the kids were very receptive to the training, and they were able to
improve throughout the year.  I would certainly recommend any
of your books to other coaches.  I was able to pick up several
things from it.  It also gave me confidence in others to enable us
to have the best defense in out league, starting defense had 9 shut-
outs and gave up only 5.5 points per game.  The biggest
difference for me, was I love a pressure style defense, and your
book was in simple enough terms that it was very easy to adapt
our coaching style to fit the changes.  Thanks for your help.  I
will be looking at other of your books for other aspects of

I've purchased and read 3 of your books so far, and I have found
the Coach's Guide To Sport Specific Strength Training book to
be the best.  The Double Wing and Gap Man Pressure books
were good, but your Strength Training info was very good.  I
coach youth football at the 14 year old level and used elements of
your pressure defense this season.  We went 9-2, but lost in our
championship game to a strong veer team.  We also run the
Double Wing.  I'm very interested in your fat-loss book.  I will be
purchasing your next book as soon as its ready.  My boy is now
16 and trying to get ready for his senior season.  Thanks.

We used an adjusted Gap Man Pressure Defense with our kids,
being that it is 9-man flag football.  We “gap manned” them and
beat every team.  The first place team was undefeated, and we
beat them by 2 points with 9 interceptions.  The second place
team was killing everyone except the first place team, and we
beat them 20-6 this past week.  I have been called a cheater and a
various other names, but it works.  We got 13 interceptions this
weekend against the second place team, and I truly don’t have
many athletes.  I am hoping to get my hands on an offense this
fall.  I am purchasing the Double Wing books soon…  Thanks.

Thought you would be interested in this, we are usually a G-
defensive team, but Friday night played about 40% in the Gap
Man Pressure Defense. We defeated a team that had not lost a
game in 2 years, and they were 2-0 coming into the game.  We
sacked their quarterback 4 times, recovered 2 fumbles, and got 2
interceptions, all while playing the Gap Man Pressure Defense.  
The Double Wing worked to perfection, and we won 40-13.  A
great night and win for our program.  I did use the Gap Man
Pressure right out of the book you sent, and I will
continue to use it the rest of the season as part of our overall
package.  Thanks again for the materials they were great!!
Jack Tourtillotte: Head Coach, Boothbay Region HS

We'll begin installing the defense next week during spring ball...
just alignment and drills...  I've got your stuff and the 46 gambler
playbook from a team out in Colorado....  It is very similar to
your “Special” call, your scheme is more in your face stuff
though....  I'm sold on the man & pressure stuff though.  Thanks.
Shane Sams: Head Coach, Muhlenberg North HS, KY

I have to say I love your books on the Double Wing.  I have used
them this past season here in the Swiss B league, and I have had
some very positive results.  We were able to gain respect from
other teams, and they even asked us questions about this strange
offense.  Remember, most of my guys (90%) have never played
football before, so this offense was the perfect fit.  Although we
did not win many games this season, we were very competitive.
Now I have bought your GMP and 25/50 defensive books and
love them too.  We will use the GMP as our main defense and
look into advancing to 25/50 when they all understand football a
little better.  Remember, these are adult men and not kids, but
they love the sport and they love the Double Wing Offense. They
know with more practice we will start to give it to these teams
over here and move up from the B league to the A league.  
Thanks again for the well written books, and I will keep you
informed on how they take to the defenses.
Delmus Pinkston: Head Coach, AFC Luzern Lions, Switzerland

Both me and my staff LOVE the 25/50 and Gap-Man Pressure
defensive books.  We really loved the 25/50, and we are going to
run that defense in the fall. The more we talked about our kids
the more we all realized that the Gap-Man Pressure mixed with
the 25/50 are the way we have to go to be successful with
teaching the scheme.  We have a few kids who will be "great"
charging the A gaps and playing football.  Thanks Coach, you
saved our season.  (SERIOUSLY)
Juan Cotto: Head Coach, Highline HS, WA

Thanks for the email, I love your books. The gap man book gave
me something else to add with our odd stack defense. We were
really tough this year because of it. 9-0, until a bad loss in the
state playoffs.
Arglista L. Scott

We had a VERY successful season and the GMP defense played
a vital role.  Frontier Middle School, South Deerfield, MA
finished 7 - 0.  We had FIVE shutouts and allowed only 12 points
(2TD's) all season.  It was difficult for our opponents to get a first
down let alone score!  Opposing coaches were not prepared at all
to try and run against the GMP.  The gap-fire charge kept our
defensive linemen low and the defensive end rush to the sweep
spot turned everything to the inside where our SAM LB and the
'downhill' flow and pursuit of the LB's were there to meet them.  
It was a lot of fun.
Don Gordon