Read 4-4 Football Defense
Great job on the book.  I have the tape set and this is an excellent
teaching tool to go along with the tapes. I am very interested in
the Gap Man Pressure Defense also.  I am sending a Money
order on Saturday morning for $30.  Could you please forward
the book ASAP?  We start practice next week and I want to see
how the 2 combine.  Thanks.

Your book on the 4-4 defense was great. As a head coach trying
to perfect my defense, this book gave me a great understanding
of the ins and outs of the whole defense.  Thank you for your
insight and your great book.

Thanks for your book.  At the moment, we are not running the
4-4 but will be in a few games.  I am teaching your techniques
about stance and foot work though and it seems to be paying off.  
Update: Mancelona ended 6-4 with a loss in the first round of the
playoffs.  Our defense was the foundation of the team this year.  
We gave up the least amount of points against conference foes.  
Injueries slowed us down on offense but our defense gave us a
chance to win every Friday.
Coach Delling
I've been a football coach for 22 years in Nebraska, 14 of them
as a head coach.  What I like most about Coach McAdams'
philosophy to football is his analytical aspect of the game.  I've
never seen someone research more before publishing a book.  It's
not just theory, it's practical, proven successful experience.  He is
selling you something you can use tomorrow to turn your
program around.  His books are worth several times more than he
charges.  Try one of his books...  You'll buy all of them, I know I
did.  Thanks Coach McAdams.
Greg Hansen: Head Football Coach, South Sioux City HS, NE

Thank you for getting back to me with a response to my
question.  You're answer makes sense and clears up my
confusion.  Good luck this season coach!  I look forward to
reading you're Gap Man Pressure book.
Daric Brege:  Defensive Coordinator, Akron HS, NY