Simplified Strength Training For Sport Success
I coach at Llano HS in Texas (3A west of Austin).  We just got
beat in the second round after people predicted us to finish 5th in
district.  We run the Slot-T and have rushed for over 4,000 yards
the last two seasons.  I have bought two of your strength and fat
loss books and enjoyed them.  Tonight I just ordered both double
wing books for my “smash mouth” enjoyment. I have a lot of
Hugh Wyatt and Murphy’s, so I have been studying for a while.
There a lot of similarities between the Slot-T and the Double
Wing.  There are 2 things I really like about the Double Wing, the
Power play, and the rules are very simple for offensive lineman.  
The Slot-T is a great offense, but can be very complex
offensively for linemen.  There are a lot of exceptions to the
rules, etc.  
Jimmy Thomas:  Head Coach, Danbury HS, TX

I’m getting ready to go to practice, but here are some quick
notes.  I really like you sections on the Olympic Weightlifting
mastery and their qualifications.  Your examples of 'Slow' Shane,
'Bad' Bobby, 'Decent' Dan, and 'Fast' Freddy are great and true
of typical high school weightroom athletes.  I also like how you
emphasize the 'pop', which is the big difference in most of my
kids.  I enjoyed being reminded of the research and the why’s of
doing the lifts.  We are implementing the program, not at the best
time, during the season.  But it’s not like we are new to the lifts.  
I could be using it wrong but we are doing Heavy Monday, Speed
Tuesday, Power Wednesday, Speed Thursday, and I have a light
and fast game day workout followed by partner stretching.  I
don't know what you think of doing that way during season but
we are getting stronger and technique is improving daily. Thanks
again for the book.
Stan Luttrell: Head Coach, Chestatee HS, GA

The book “Simplified, Progressive Strength Training for Sports
Success” is a great example of what can be accomplished when a
motivated coach takes charge of a strength program to produce
athletes.  Coach McAdams has done a great job in taking the
guess work out of training theory and program design and
presents an easy to follow program that has produced results in
many different settings.  The key to his program is rooted in its
simplicity.  It is designed to allow coaches to work with large
groups of athletes and is effective for the beginner freshman to
the experienced senior. The passion with which Coach McAdams
believes in his program is evident in the writing of this manual.  
His words literally jump out as he explains his program in a very
easy to read, conversational manner.  This text is a great starting
point for any coach, and “Simplified, Progressive Strength
Training for Sports Success” will help lead the way to producing
positive results.
Dr. Michael J. Hartman III, CSCS*D - Assistant Professor

2008 Season Update:  Hey Rob, I just want to update you on the
season.  We are now 9-1 and ranked 4th in the state of
Kentucky.   We are the number 1 rushing team in the state with
over 3,900 in the regular season, averaging almost 50 points a
game.  We are ranked in almost every category of team offense
and defense.  We have two backs over 1,000 yards and one with
over 800.  We are starting the play-offs this week.
Thanks again for your impact from 3 years ago that is still being
felt in Estill County, Kentucky.
Mike Jones: Head Coach, Estill County HS, KY  

I probably should have wrote this email years ago.  Nevertheless,
I just wanted to say thanks for the progressive Olympic lifting
program that you taught at the double wing symposium way
back.  I have trained 100's of athletes off all ages with the
methodology.   Solid results!
Dr. Matt Mortenson: Performance/Rehab, NSCA Advisor

I've been a football coach for 22 years in Nebraska, 14 of them
as a head coach.  What I like most about Coach McAdams'
philosophy to football is his analytical aspect of the game.  I've
never seen someone research more before publishing a book.  It's
not just theory, it's practical, proven successful experience.  He is
selling you something you can use tomorrow to turn your
program around.  His books are worth several times more than he
charges.  Try one of his books...  You'll buy all of them, I know I
did.  Thanks Coach McAdams.
Greg Hansen: Head Football Coach, South Sioux City HS, NE
Your new book is great coach.  I plan on incorporating the plan in
the off season.  The workouts look very efficient and the
instruction is clear and concise.  During our bye week or in the
off season I'm going to dig into it a bit deeper and write a longer
review man.  Hope things are going great.
Shane Sams: Head Coach, Muhlenberg North HS, KY

Coach McAdams, I can't thank you enough for the help you have
given me over the last couple of years.  I realized the other day
that half of my football library are 'McAdams' books.  They have
taught me so much about offense and strength training.  Our
offense is based off of your double wing books and we have
begun to incorporate the Single wing into our attack.  Recently, I
received the new Strength Training book that simplified a lot of
concepts you presented in your first manual.  We use your
programs and it has shown on the field.  We were 5-5 last year in
our inaugural season of high school football.  This year we are
currently 5-0.  We have rushed for over 1500 yards in 5 games
and have only given up 800 yards total.  The new book on
defense (25/50 Multiple Front Defense) is a great read for
coaches that are looking to simplify your scheme (a McAdams
trademark).  We are using some ideas from that book as well in
our defense this year.  I would highly recommend anything that
Coach McAdams writes.  His books are very easy to read and
understand.  He had a wealth of knowledge regarding weight
lifting and football.  All coaches will benefit from reading his
books.  Thanks coach!!
Rayburn Greene: Head Coach, Citrus HS, FL

Finally, after 23 years, I now realize why all the ass-busting I did
in the gym as a high schooler translated into NO improvement in
speed. “Bigger and Stronger” does not necessarily mean “faster.”
While it’s obviously too late for my playing career, I can use this
information with the kids I coach to maximize (and exceed) their
current potential. Thanks!

Annapolis High School finished 6-4. 2nd straight playoff
appearance in the schools 50 year history.  We fortfeited the
season due to lack of interest back in 2002 and we started
Olympic lifting this year. We broke offensive (DW) records and
defensive records.
Casey Ruthenberg: Head Coach Annapolis HS, MI

I recently ordered all 6 of your books.  I am a huge Double Wing
fan.  It is what we believe in.  I have read most of the stuff out
there, and I have found yours to be right at the top.  Thanks for
the very good job with those books.  We needed something that
we believed in on defense (similarly to the Double Wing
on offense).  I think we are going to run your gap-man-pressure
or 25/50 defense.  This is was our first year here.  They were 2-7
last year in a smaller conference.  This year we moved to a larger
conference and finished 6-5.  Made the playoffs and won one
game.  We felt the reason we turned things around were because
of 2 main things:  1) Starting Weightlifting and 2) the Double
Wing Offense.  Otherwise it may have likely been another 2 win
season.  Personally, I felt the two things that got us into trouble in
the few games we lost were  1) we needed prior weightlifting to
become even better physically and 2) I needed to be more patient
with my play calling and just stick with the Double Wing core
plays more.  Thanks again.
Bryant Brenner: Head Coach, Eau Claire Regis HS, WI

We have almost completed our testing. I am very pleased with
the strength gains we have made in our Squat and Bench, plus the
increases in the clean. We have made the best improvement we
have ever made using your program. Your program has been far
better than a number of different programs I have used over the
past 20 years.  I hope to share with you the exact results on each
individual player after all information is compiled.  Again, I have
enjoyed using your program and have appreciated your prompt
replies to questions I have had while implementing your program.
Leroy Riley: Head Coach, Colleton HS, SC